I am


Life holds many mysteries. But the biggest enigma for anyone is oneself. Every image that you capture, every frame that you see, every color that you absorb, unfolds a tiny part of the mystery that is ‘you’.

When I discovered my camera a few years ago, I started to discover myself. Most of my photographic work revolves around self-awareness, whether it is through self-portraits or by photographing others. I believe that everything that I see through my lens helps me to understand my relationship with self and with the world around. I am from Pakistan and am currently based in Toronto, Canada.

My work is my artist statement.


1) Solo: Pikture Gallery, Bangkok, 2011

2) Group: Al-Hamra, Lahore, 2012

3) Solo: My Art World, Islamabad. 2015

Gallery representation at Pikture Gallery Bangkok, Fadi Mogabgab-Art Contemporian, Beirut and My Art World, Islamabad.

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