It is always a challenge to relocate. But it is a bigger challenge to bring along the art that lives within you. As an artist, you are disturbed, shaken, inspired and impacted by your surroundings and all that stimuli interacts with your emotions to enable you to create. A drastic change severs your bond with life, albiet temporarily, and disconnects you from your core. The change necessitates more focus on the mundane, and the mundane steals your art if you allow it.

Since my move to Canada, I have been struggling with the same disconnect. I hadn’t produced a single frame in the last 3 months and was faced with what I may take the liberty to call, the photographer’s block. There are many hurdles to justify the lack of intent: The apartment is too small, a lot of equipment abandoned, I have no props or the money to afford them, the consumeristic first world life is sapping my spirit; the list can go on. The biggest setback, however, has been my severed ties.

As I continue to struggle, I have pushed myself to break out of my creative infertility and entrusted myself with the challenge to produce more work in a small, shared living space with inadequate equipment and available everyday items as props. Let’s see if I am able to uphold this one, as I am notorious for breaking promises; to myself or others.

The first attempt in the series is called ‘The order of disorder’. No household items were harmed in making this one.

The order of disorder

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