Transition is the essence of life. Every moment is unique and apart. We, however, are not always cognizant and appreciative of this fact as the movements in time are often subtle or fluid. The changing life experiences are expected, hence accepted. The only time the transition is obvious to us is when the change is radical or abrupt. It is during those immoderate transitions that we start giving a lot of energy to judging our lives and/or our kismet. The ripples make us take notice and think.

And when life finally gets our attention, the new experiences that are not compatible with our already moulded personalities create friction. In response, one instinct is to blame the environment. Another is to try and alter the new circumstances. The third is to attack our own capacity to respond to the new stimuli in the desired or desirable manner.

My own person always resorts to the third instinct and stays there for a long time in such situations. With a highlighter in my one hand and the testimony of my being in the other, I start to colour the paper neon green – marking errors, gaps and glitches. Every act and action of mine comes under my own scrutiny. Even if this means that I take absolute responsibility for the change in my life, it is usually not a pleasant exercise and sometimes leads to temporary blindness.

I have chosen to express the chaos of such introspections in a new ‘developing’ series. This series called ‘The Highlighter’ is part of my continuing Project Small in which I am creating work in a small living space, with my existing belongings as props. The series is currently work-in-progress and reflects a style different to my usual, in the spirit of change. The first two images are ready and more will come if and when they will.

highlighter-2 highlighter-1

No matter what the modifications in our circumstances, no matter what our primary instincts are for a response, we eventually get through. As with time, the altered life path becomes familiar; at least until the next upheaval.

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